Why  Sales Organizations Need Predictive Intelligence

Until recently, sales org hiring managers, recruiters and HR lacked the analytical tools and technology that have transformed other parts of contemporary corporations.

The emergence of Performance Fingerprints now provides sales leadership with the technical capabilities to quantify and predict the sales and revenue impact of any new recruit on the business, before they're hired!

From sales talent selection to retention, a sales org prospers or fails based on its hiring decisions. And yet ‘quality of sales hire’ is critical data that's too rarely fed back into the talent acquisition function.

This results in hard, soft and opportunity costs from sales hiring decisions that are hidden and poorly understood.

Poor sales hiring selections create high early-tenure attrition, slow ramp, lost leads and revenue opportunities, lost customers and uninspiring customer experiences.

Sales Performance Fingerprints enable sales leadership to proactively and decisively reduce their impact.

Implementing People Analytics
Implementing Performance Fingerprints enables the sales org to:
  • better track the impact of poor hiring decisions
  • treat each new hire as an investment decision, with analytical data predicting the sales performance impact pre-hire
  • increase accountability and the consequences for making the right hiring (investment) decision
  • accelerate the hiring process, and make it more agile, by enabling recruiters and hiring managers to prioritize their focus on higher value recruitment prospects
  • stop turnover being viewed as an unavoidable cost of doing business
  • empower sales leadership with data, tools and intelligence to make better hiring decisions
Performance Fingerprints are not ‘set and forget’. Implementing role-based Performance Fingerprints enables the sales org with new tools to engineer performance outcomes.

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