Sales Arbitrage for Advantage

It is now scientifically possible to predict individual performance potential pre-hire in whatever KPI  is important to your sales team: revenue, growth, tenure, appointments. For new and existing teams regardless of the complexity of the sales environment.


The lifeblood of any business is revenue.

The challenge for all revenue leaders is building a scalable and forecastable high-performance sales organization that maximizes the return on the limited time and money available for the task.  It is the rare sales leader that has more time than needed, and unlimited capital to throw at delivering sales results.

The reality is, that 60% of sales forces are understaffed, headcount accounts for 70% of the total cost (HCMI), turnover is nearly 34% (The Bridge Group), and replacement costs are $115,000 on average (DePaul University). 

The fierce competition for sales talent and lengthy ramp times often make capturing value from a new sales employee an iffy proposition.  Add into the mix an exploding array of newest sales tech tools that must be evaluated and implemented, plummeting response rates from prospects who are fatigued with the onslaught of automated and impersonal sales outreach, and a culture that celebrates fast success and growth every quarter, and you start to get the picture of what it means to lead a sales organization. The extreme difficulty of the task placed on the shoulders of a Sales Leader is underscored by the recent finding that the average tenure of a VP of Sales is less than 18 months!


What is Sales Arbitrage?

Sales Arbitrage is about capturing the human capital value others cannot see yet and translating it into a competitive advantage. This process is driven by having better, deeper, and faster insights than your competitors and deploying those insights into your strategy with confidence and decisiveness.  It’s a unique combination of deploying existing technology in unique ways that produce better strategic choices on where to invest their company resources of time and money. An easy way to think about sales arbitrage is to look at the world of financial arbitrage.


An Investor has a fixed budget that they can invest in, and they must make decisions on what to invest in.  Will it be stocks, bonds, gold, or bitcoin? Once they have made those decisions, they must buy and sell with aggressive and confident action to secure a return on their investment. What allows one investor to consistently outperform their peers? It is the quality and speed of the data insights they have access to.  Do they have the ability to spot value opportunities or trends more quickly or in greater nuance? But equally important is the confidence and knowledge to take decisive action. Think about how this relates to sales arbitrage:



As an executive, you must make strategic decisions on how to deploy your resources.  What investments will you make in people, technology, and processes?  What actions will you take to maximize those investments?  A savvy leader knows that better, faster quality data yields the best strategic moves and the best return on invested capital. Using PerceptionPredict, you can know how much someone is likely to sell, or how long they'll stick around before you offer them the job.  For those already on your team, we'll give you insight into what it takes to get them to the next level or let you know they'll likely never improve to the needed performance level.


Perception Sales Arbitrage System 2021 BM.     


When an executive is committed to using Sales Arbitrage as a strategic sales advantage, they make the commitment that they’ll find and deploy the best data to select, develop, enable and deploy the sales organization. Data that allows them to make more confident and correct decisions.


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