Abandon the 80-20 Prison

It's almost accepted as gospel that a small % of your team will deliver the largest % of overall production.  Today, this model of team performance no longer holds up to scrutiny. It's time to abandon the old ways of predicting performance: resumes, education, personality assessments, and interviews that continue to produce deeply inefficient performance returns.


It's now possible to forensically understand the psychographic profile of your elite performers in specific roles and more importantly, the traits that lead to getting stuck at a mid-level of performance.  You can avoid liability hires and only onboard people with the ability to go the distance in your team.



PerceptionPredict Performance Fingerprints reveal just how much better someone on your existing team can be, as well as who might already have reached their personal best. Use these insights to inform coaching, training, and promotion plans.


Deployed ARbitrage


Use the dynamic calculator below to understand how much mediocre performance is costing your organization. Explore how even small improvements in tenure and performance can dramatically alter the outcome.

Leave nothing to chance in the pursuit of excellence.


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Deploy Sales Arbitrage

Sales Insights

Uncover Hidden Talent
Having a proven Performance Fingerprint will allow you to hire people who may be early in their careers or from a non-traditional experience background.

Improved Hiring

Avoid Liability Hires
Avoid costly hiring mistakes. People who look good on paper but are at higher risk of underperformance, slow ramp-times, or who get stuck at mid-level output.

Sales Leadership

Build for the Future
Gaining data insights into the future potential of people on your sales team allows your leadership team to invest with confidence when the team of tomorrow.

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Sales Arbitrage is about capturing the value in human capital that others cannot yet see and translating it into a competitive advantage.

The process of arbitraging sales is driven by having better, deeper and faster insights than your competitors and deploying those insights with confidence and decisiveness.

Maximize the ROI of your sales team investment.


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I love this system!!

"Perception accurately predicts sales performance before we hire.....pure gold!"

Dominic Ford
General Manager
Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando

It’s scary how good it is!

"We feel that this is the most accurate test we’ve ever seen… ever! It’s that good! The quality of this program… people don’t know what you have yet. It’s so good!"

Phil Green - Managing Partner
Erick G - Chief Operating Officer
GG Homes, San Diego

Nothing left to chance!

"Perception is the tool of choice for a sales executive who doesn't leave anything to chance"

Global Head of Sales
Global Cybersecurity Company

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