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The “Why” of Perception Predict

Perception Group is an international team of data scientists, psychology professionals, IO consultants and leading experts on building high-performance sales teams. We are dedicated to the mission of removing bias from the hiring process opening up the opportunity for a rewarding career in sales for a broader segment of people. We believe that when human-centered science and data-driven analysis is rigorously applied to the hiring process, decisions are made faster, better, and with less frustration, failure and effort than traditional methods. We are creating the future of sales hiring.

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Brett Morris
Executive Chairman & Co-Founder
Brett has worked with hundreds of firms across every size of enterprise spanning forty plus industry verticals. He oversees commercial and financial activities for Perception Group having gained broad experience in business and sales force optimization, predictive talent analytics, sales force leadership and technology investment spanning Asia-Pacific and North America.
Regina Chou
Chief Scientist & Co-Founder
Regina is an I/O Psychologist responsible for managing Perception Group’s science and engineering teams. Perception technology teams operationalize original and proprietary research through the development of custom Performance Fingerprints that predict actual KPI performance in specific job roles, delivering talent analytics capabilities that solve complex sales force productivity challenges.
Jonathan Whistman
Jonathan is the International Best-Selling Author of “The Sales Boss: The Real Secret to Hiring Training and Managing a Sales Team.” Through his consulting agency, The Sales Boss he has helped 100s of companies develop the systems, people, and processes necessary to drive sales. His companies have been featured on CNN Money, have won the GEW Top 50 High Growth companies’ designation, and achieved the SXSW Top 5 Award.
Peter Miller
Chief Technology Officer
Peter is an IT and Application Systems Developer with 30+ years experience in the design, development and implementation of systems for large corporations, Government departments and SMBs, both as a principal and as a consultant. His primary focus is the development and deployment of PerceptionPredict® analytics and intelligence systems, delivered within a multi-tenant SaaS framework on Microsoft Server infrastructure.
Phillip Lechter
Vice President Sales Operations
Phillip Lechter brings 20+ years experience as a C-Level Executive responsible for building/ leading/ growing sales and operations for numerous organizations. He is a Senior Partner with The Sales BOSS and is the former Chief Communications Officer for the Rich Dad Company, co-founder of Pay Your Family First and he is the co-creator of ThriveTime for Teens, a finance and life-skills reality board game.
Glenn Rose
Vice President of Enterprise Sales
Glenn leads our Enterprise Sales Team, focused on serving the needs of Sales Teams to hire the best talent and build winning cultures. His previous role as VP of Global Service helped A-Gas, grow to #1 in 3 categories and generated +21% growth on average over 6 years. Experienced in both B2B and B2C, he’s knowledgeable on many Industries. As both senior sales and consulting roles, companies he’s associated with have won many awards.
David Bloom
Vice President of Partnerships
David brings over a decade of sales experience developing channel partner programs from the ground up with partners such as Ticketmaster, LiveNation and professional sport organizations. In addition, David also has extensive experience working with consulting firms throughout North America by bringing them a suite of human capital, talent acquisition, psychometric and talent optimization tools.
John Abbott
John Abbott
Vice President l Asia-Pacific
John has worked with organisations in Australia, North America, UK and Europe, accruing broad experience in most industry verticals, particularly B2B markets. Educated in Australia and the UK, and holding an MBA and financial qualifications, John’s expertise includes consulting and line roles with multinational enterprises involving business and financial modelling, predictive talent analytics, salesforce cost structures, performance metric development and sales force optimisation.
Renata Marucci
Director l Australia & New Zealand
Renata has extensive experience working with automotive manufacturers and dealer groups, developing people and processes to drive business growth. Renata has worked across the UK, Asia and Australia, using her expertise to optimise sales, aftersales operations and business development by providing relevant, challenging and practical initiatives. Renata develops tools and programs for dealership recruitment that support dealers with better hiring choices.
Stuart Armstrong
Director l Australia & New Zealand
Stuart has held senior leadership roles in automotive dealerships and dealer groups, and is acutely aware of the need to get the right people in the right job roles. Results driven, Stuart works with automotive executive teams in Asia-Pacific and North America, building their capacity to execute critical business strategies. His ability to understand client challenges, and drive change, is evidenced by the long-term relationships he has developed.
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