Reduce Hidden Biases in Your Talent Acquisition Processes

You are responsible for ensuring your company is a place that welcomes talent with a diverse range of ethnicity, gender, age, orientation and background.

This is not just a social justice issue, it's an important business decision (and the law).  Diverse teams dramatically outperform homogeneous teams.

Reliance on human gut feel and intuition has historically resulted in overlooking candidates that didn't fit the stereotype of what success looks like from an education and background perspective. High-quality people are too often unknowingly weeded out in early resume screenings and interviews through hidden biases. Although there is nothing funny about bias, we humorously call this the "Bob" effect; where everyone on the sales team tends to fit a very narrow stereotype of age, gender or race. PerceptionPredict will help you reduce this bias, and help your hiring team understand how hidden biases may be hindering more effective decision making. 


What about Bob?

Empower your team with modern tools designed to make more inclusive decisions.

Improve Compliance, Deliver Results


Good Faith Efforts (GFE)
As an integral part of your DE&I initiatives, you should be able to prove that you are taking measures to reach high potential women, minorities, veterans and others who disproportionally miss out on the roles you offer. Doing so protects your organization and allows you to reap the rewards of a diverse workforce. Our locally validated prediction models are blind to background, ethnicity, gender, experience and education; and increase the odds that non-traditional candidates get fair consideration.

Diverse Meeting

Inclusion not just Diversity
"Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance." Make sure you aren't just fielding a diverse team. Make sure that once hired, they'll be well suited to thrive in your team environment. Our proprietary psychographic measures will guide you to people who are naturally well suited to feel empowered in your company; and joining your mission. Our tools will help your leadership understand their own unconscious biases, leading to better decision-making.


EEOC Compliant
The PerceptionPredict platform is designed to significantly eliminate bias from all hiring and promotion processes. Because we locally validate our prediction models by job role, we establish job-relatedness from the outset which is a key condition of compliance. We conduct adverse impact analysis for our clients and use a scientist-in-the-loop process, meaning it's never just an algorithm. We actively work to identify hidden biases and remove them from all processes.

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Bias Excludes Great Talent

"Grades are not the best way to find traits like hunger, adaptability, resilience and EQ. The financial services sector is heavily biased towards educational pedigree. We've built a model that is blind to education and experience & this gives us an edge."

Danny Yong
Founding Partner & Chief Investment Officer
Dymon Asia

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