Revolutionize How You Acquire and Manage Sales Talent

You are competing daily to recruit the best sales talent. There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to B2B SaaS companies, which makes identifying, retaining and coaching top sales talent critical to business success. One bad hire can cost years and millions, and cripple your organization from hitting its sales goals. Discover what statistically leads to success and failure, unique to your company. Utilize deep forensic analytics based on your own data, and give your management team the ability to move quickly with confidence when hiring and coaching sales superstars. Stabilizing the sales organization is fundamental to improving turnover, sales productivity, win rates and new customer attainment. Make informed human capital decisions pre-hire, and optimize sales rep performance post-hire. Build a stable, high-performing sales culture through improved hiring and coaching practices.

Our predictions make the human decision on whom to hire easier, faster, fairer and more accurate.

Let’s discover what drives sales performance at your organization.


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Make Better Decisions Pre-hire,
Optimize Performance Post-hire.

$4.5M Annual Revenue High Performer

Identify Early Career Sales Talent
Resumes, references and interviews are ok but won't tell you how well a new hire with little or no experience will perform. Our predictions enable you to know.

$478K Revenue 45% Lead Gen Liability Hire

Increase Performance and Promotability
Effectively understand how a candidate will perform in various sales roles pre-hire with the help of a dual Performance Fingerprint. Increase ramp time and promotability.

7.3 Years Tenure High Performer

Avoid Liability Hires
Get accurate insights into the likelihood a candidate will stick-and-stay with your sales organization. Data proves that the ROI of a hire improves with tenure.

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We wouldn't want lower turnover

"We've driven our early tenure turnover down so much I would arguably say we might not want it to be any lower. "

Global Head of Sales
1BN ARR Cybersecurity Company

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"The ability for us to identify talent earlier in their career and ramp them quickly has been game-changing."

1000+ Headcount Tech Company

It's Freaky Good

"I'm shocked at how accurately we are able to understand someone's potential and avoid costly mistakes."

VP of Sales APAC
Public SaaS Company

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