Top 10 Characteristics of a High Performing Sales Team

The key characteristics of a high-performing sales team are not what you think. We've found that many top sales teams have crucial common denominators that never fail to make them successful.

In this article, we’ll cover ten critical characteristics of a high-performing sales team. 

1. Outstanding Sales Management

What is high-performance sales without strong leadership? Outstanding sales managers spend every day in the sales office working with their team. 

These managers create a positive work environment that celebrates successes while making time for team members who need more support. Managers who give their sales team a quota to meet without supporting them through the process almost always produce teams with a lower sales output.

2. Time Management

The most successful salespeople know how to identify consumers who aren’t likely to convert into a sale. They spend little time with such people, as they recognize that higher-value leads offer a better return for their time.

Learning how to vet leads plays a vital role in producing top-performing sales reps with excellent time management skills. Therefore, consider putting together a high-performance sales training. There, you can teach your sales reps how to recognize high-value customers and stress the importance of dedicating more energy to such leads.

3. Asking the Right Questions

Top performing salespeople know how to target questions to meet prospective customers’ needs. Often, the best questions involve emotion. Examples include:

  • What have you tried in the past, and what were the results?
  • What would happen if you took no action and left things how they are?
  • As you work on making your decision, what can I do to help you?

4. Goal Setting

Many sales managers have this question: What are the three most critical elements to being a high-performing salesperson? We believe that goal setting is among these, along with adaptability and drive.

High performers thrive off goals. Therefore, you should create realistic and actionable goals tailored to each team member. Make sure to offer extra coaching if a sales rep is behind on a goal and celebrate their successes.

5. Seeking Improvement

The best salespeople acknowledge their successes while seeking ways to improve their performance for the next quarter. However, identifying motivated salespeople is challenging. That’s why many managers use predictive analytics to hire the best candidates to start with.

At PerceptionPredict, we use Performance Fingertips to help you determine how much a prospective hiree would sell before they join your team. 

6. Adaptability

One of the most critical characteristics of a high-performing sales team member is their ability to adapt to situations. For example, they know how to tailor the way they speak according to the prospective customer they have on the phone.

Top sales reps also have a humble attitude when it comes to learning. They recognize that the sales environment is always changing and taking pride in adapting their sales style.

7. Letting Go of Under Performers

In a study of high-performance sales teams conducted by Harvard Business Review, 18% of companies with high-performing sales stated that they would terminate their employees if they showed poor performance at the end of one quarter. In contrast, only 5% of underperforming businesses revealed having such a policy.

Strong sales teams have room for overachievers only. Letting go of sales members go isn’t easy, but it’s critical to show your other employees that meeting their quotas is the company’s number one priority. Knowing that you can predictably hire a strong performer using Perception Predict's Performance Fingerprints makes it easier to move on from an underperformer.

8. Focusing on Value

Inside sales culture often focuses on the price of products, but high performers know that talking with a customer about value drives more sales. They do this by tapping into the emotional side of a product. Examples include:

  • How a product will make them feel
  • What the product will do for their family

To be successful with value-driven sales, salespeople must learn about their customers to know what’s important to them.

9. Improved Sales Coaching

How do you create a high-performance sales culture without coaching? It’s nearly impossible. Studies show that structured, purposeful coaching improves win rates by 28%.

You should coach your salespeople on a regular basis, both as a team and on an individual level. Sales managers should recognize that even their highest-performing sales reps can improve. Above all, making coaching engaging and encouraging is critical for team members to feel comfortable. 

10. Solution Seekers

High-performing sales reps genuinely want to help their customers. They have a service-oriented mindset and focus their conversation on the customer’s problem, trying to find a way to solve it.

Customers can sense when a salesperson is trying to sell a product just because it’s their job. For this reason, it’s essential to identify sales reps during the hiring phase who understand and are excited about the product, as those are the people who will turn prospective buyers into customers.

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Creating the optimal sales team can take a lot of work. It requires thorough vetting, intensive high-performing sales training, and a leap of faith that you’ve chosen the best candidates for the job. However, creating or hiring a top-performing sales team doesn’t have to be tedious. Instead, you can use PerceptionPredict.

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Performance Fingerprints

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