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Does Hiring For Culture Fit Perpetuate Bias?

Identifying and hiring the best possible candidates is vital for driving growth and innovation in the highly competitive marketplace. The idea of cultural fit, initially implemented as a metric...

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Ten Steps to Reduce Unconscious Bias In Hiring - And Why

In 2021, it is long past time to represent a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences. Diversity and inclusion have come to the forefront of societal issues. And the...

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Removing Gender Bias In Hiring: What The Latest Research Says

Recent studies suggest gender bias is causing businesses to lose out on valuable talent. Men are 1.5x more likely to be hired compared to female candidates with the same qualifications, and when a...

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Hector Bellerin's Way of Picking A New Sports Team Could Indicate The Future of Recruitment

It seems that no matter where we turn these days, we hear of companies using advanced data analytics to help in the selection and hiring of employees.  They do this in the hopes that they can...

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