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Adopt an Archer's Mindset to Improve Sales ROI

Perhaps there is no greater place where the impact of our singular decisions and the consequences are more highly visible than the decisions we make when building a sales team.  The decision we...

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Bias Eraser #8: The Primacy & Recency Effects

Will Rogers is famous for saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  Talent gurus have written hundreds of articles emphasizing this sentiment to help job seekers nail...

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Bias Eraser #7 Illusory Correlation

Have you seen “The Internship?” One of my favorite scenes involves Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson participating in a video interview to secure their internship at Google. After some awkward small...

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Bias Eraser #6: Affect Heuristic Bias

Imagine this scenario. You’ve been preparing for weeks to interview for a sales role at your dream company. You’ve scoured the internet for advice on answering the questions they might ask. You’ve...

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