Avoid the $500K Mistakes

A senior executive recently shared with us that it cost her organization a minimum of $500,000 each time a new sales hire unexpectedly churned out within their first year! This does not include the reputational cost to the company with clients who must deal with these type of changes to the team.  In a competitive market, a stable and trustworthy sales team is a competitive advantage to the company that gets it right.  Using Perception, one global team with a long and complex selling cycle was able to reduce early tenure turnover from 32% to under 12%.  A retailer drove Sales Associate turnover from 70% to 10%.


PerceptionPredict's data-driven insights will enable your team to understand, in deep detail, which people are most likely to stay and perform versus those that will churn out early.  This is accomplished through a review of over 400 stable human attributes overlaid with your company's data to furnish actionable insights that drive better decision making at the point of hire; and throughout the employee's history with your company.

Our predictions make the human decision on whom to hire easier, faster, fairer and more accurate.

Eliminate regrettable churn.

Optimize Revenue Per Headcount

employee turnover FIXED

Beat the Odds
Many companies experience less than 26 months productivity from a sales rep before losing them to another company. Increase average rep tenure through smarter hiring by knowing if a recruit will successfully progress to more senior roles in the business.

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Higher Productivity
Performance typically skyrockets late in the first year and into the second year as a rep gets established. A focus on reducing ramp time while also increasing tenure results in greater average ROI per headcount and avoids compounding financial loses from early-tenure turnover.

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Avoid Liabilities
It's comforting but inaccurate to think that just because someone was a superstar at another company, they'll fit and perform with your team. Use advanced talent and data science to predict how likely someone is to repeat their past successes when they join your company!

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I love this system!!

"Perception accurately predicts sales performance before we hire.....pure gold!"

Dominic Ford
General Manager
Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando

It’s scary how good it is!

"We feel that this is the most accurate test we’ve ever seen… ever! It’s that good! The quality of this program… people don’t know what you have yet. It’s so good!"

Phil Green - Managing Partner
Erick G - Chief Operating Officer
GG Homes, San Diego

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