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Why You Should Develop Equitable Hiring Practices in 2022

Hiring is one of the most high-risk yet high-reward responsibilities for a growing organization. Making the right call on a stellar candidate can significantly boost revenue, customer satisfaction,...

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Physical Attractiveness Bias in Hiring

Everyone knows a strong jaw or great hair can give you a distinct advantage in the dating market, but what about the job market? Did you know physical attractiveness even affects hiring decisions? 

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5 Effective Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover

Employee turnover costs the U.S. economy and employers over $1 trillion annually. So it’s no surprise that improving employee retention has been a significant priority of organizations across...

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4 Effective Strategies to Increase Employee Retention (and 5 Common Reasons Employees Leave)

Retaining employees has remained one of the most persistent and painful thorns in the side of sales organizations for decades. 

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