Transform the way you build strong teams.

PerceptionPredict is the modern way to build a team. Using human-centered data-driven AI models built on insights from your company’s human attributes and performance data, our assessment tool predicts a team member's expected future performance in whatever KPI that matters to you: Revenue sold, units sold, appointments booked, customer retention.  Our assessment solution empowers you to make better-informed decisions.


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Expanded Talent Pool

"The ability for us to identify talent earlier in their career and ramp them quickly has been game-changing"

1000+ Headcount Tech Company

We wouldn't want lower turnover

"We've driven our early tenure turnover down so much I would arguably say we don't want it any lower."

Global Head of Sales
1BN ARR Cybersecurity Company

It's Freaky Good

"I'm shocked at how accurately we are able to understand someone's potential and avoid bad hires.""

VP of Sales APAC
Public SaaS Company

I love this system!!

"Perception accurately predicts sales performance before we hire.....pure gold!"

Dominic Ford
General Manager
Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando

It’s scary how good it is!

"We feel that this is the most accurate test we’ve ever seen… ever! It’s that good! The quality of this program… people don’t know what you have yet. It’s so good!"

Phil Green - Managing Partner
Erick G - Chief Operating Officer
GG Homes, San Diego

A complete assessment solution that helps you to hire
the best people for your organization

Custom Performance Fingerprint
Created from your own company’s attributes and sales data. Allows you to predict sales performance in your company using your KPI’s.

Easy to read Prediction
Instantly see a highly accurate performance prediction of all candidates. Know which ones to prioritize at a glance.

Actionable insights both pre & post hire
You’re able to look deep under the hood to very specific information about your existing team as well as any potential hire.


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