Crown Resorts

The Solution: 

Perception undertook proprietary research with the Table Games team at Crown Melbourne. It measured 118 psychographic traits and collected disciplinary and absence data from 500 Table Games Dealers. Amongst the 500 participants, a subsample of 50 'top performers' was selected from nominees to the Australasian Croupier Championships. 

Based on forensic analysis, significant insights were uncovered that enabled the formation of a prediction algorithm to select ideal gaming dealers; 34 psychographics were identified that are able to predict whether or not a dealer will turn up to work (ie. their absence rate).


The Results:

The dealer absence selection algorithm achieved a high prediction accuracy of .70. 

The Perception selection system enabled Crown to progressively reduce the cost of absenteeism and avoidable attrition. Gaming dealer productivity and retention has improved through selecting ideal dealers who: turn up to work consistently, deliver quality customer service, have good technical skills, possess a high work ethic, have high emotional resilience, display conscientiousness. 

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