Case Studies

Dymon Asia Capital

Danny Yong, Chief Investment Officer and a founding partner of Dymon Asia Capital headquartered in Singapore, has always known that career seeker access to the financial services sector is heavily biased towards graduates from the top universities; and that this pedigree bias excludes a lot of great talent. Danny got his start at JP Morgan in 1997 as a currency and derivatives trader. He believes he had a lucky break, and made the most of it!
He wanted to give others that same opportunity by recruiting financial 'apprentices' for Dymon in trading and Investment Manager roles. So he established a philanthropic venture called Tangent to demonstrate to other employers what could be achieved if they adopted a hiring model that's 'blind' to educational pedigree and work experience, and focused instead on identifying the right person for the right role with the right DNA.

Investment Management, Finance, Banking.
Portfolio Manager, Financial Analyst, Banking Analyst.

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