Case Studies

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz dealerships face significant hiring challenges identifying high performing job applicants. Employees are dealers most inefficient operating variable. High turnover costs and lost sales associated with poor hiring decisions severely undermine business profitability. Conventional hiring practices that rely on intuition and guesswork need to be supplemented with data and intelligence.

Automotive, Retail, B2C Service.
Sales Consultant, Service Advisor, Technician, Financial Accounting.

Crown Resorts

Crown Melbourne operates a 24/7 resort and casino facility with 8500 unionized employees, including 2400 gaming dealers. Crown's gaming dealer cohort experiences high turnover in the 0-12 month tenure group and high levels of absenteeism requiring a significant ongoing recruitment effort (turnover rate at 43%). Once hired, each recruit must attend a 6 week in-house training and induction school at a significant cost to Crown.

Crown needed a scalable, predictive and inimitable dealer selection system to grow the financial performance of their Table Games business and create a sustainable competitive advantage in the gaming industry.

Tourism, Hospitality, Resort.
Table Games Dealers, Entry Level, Management.

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