Machine Learning and Our People Intelligence Platform

PerceptionPredict's People Intelligence Platform extracts meaningful insights from a rich variety of proprietary talent and workforce data in new and unique ways.  We’ve engineered our machine learning enabled systems to produce predictive selection, development and retention intelligence for client teams and key job roles.

IBM explains: “In machine learning, algorithms are 'trained' to find patterns and features in massive amounts of data in order to make decisions and predictions based on new data.”  Our machine learning functions to continually adapt and build upon data to strengthen decision-making, just like how people learn how to think critically and improve at tasks as experience increases.  The difference is that PerceptionPredict quickly and sophisticatedly processes quantities of information that are too big for people to effectively analyze and simplifies it to enhance human judgment.

Our Machine Learning Emulates People to Help People

PerceptionPredict People Analytics is strategically focused on business results.  This means reducing costs, identifying revenue opportunities, and enhancing customer experience.  We move the needle by optimizing how leaders make talent selection decisions in the hiring process.  The resulting analytics are compelling.  They drive development, diversity, and retention.

People Analytics will make your biggest investment your smartest. 

The technology platform is capable of analyzing historical and real-time data, as well as forecasting the future, to distill what’s valuable to managers and the business.  It can detect relevant patterns and produce descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics that deliver actionable insights and enable much quicker, smarter decision making.

Machine Learning is a Versatile Tool for Assessing People

PerceptionPredict's people intelligence engine operates 'bottom-up' using time-series data and correlations to identify patterns in high-dimensionality datasets.  These proprietary datasets include workforce and performance data as well as sociodemographic, psychographic, and biographic data tied to specific individuals.  Our human and data science teams test hypotheses, and continuously analyze and validate findings, to ensure the integrity of the system's intelligence.

This intelligence delivers a practical roadmap to identifying and building talent density through explicit selection of the right people for the right roles.  As a result, managers obtain a beautiful set of fly-by-wire decision-making tools that directly feed into producing better operational and sales performance.

PerceptionPredict’s innovative approach is a selection-focused solution that adds new, untapped value to talent acquisition, performance development and retention.

Whoever learns faster wins.

PerceptionPredict provides a fleet of exceptional resources to help you build and optimally apply your knowledge base.  Book a demo to unveil the advantages PerceptionPredict has in store for you.

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