Confronting Hiring Biases

The great irony of unconscious bias is that most of us have a bias and it is our belief that we are not affected by bias.

During a client engagement, one of the senior sales leaders questioned the impact of bias on their recruitment and selection decisions.

The PerceptionPredict® consultant asked the room of managers “when interviewing candidates, what are you looking for?”

One hiring manager said “I look at their track record and experience”. Another said she “explores the candidate’s employment timeline to assess if the candidate is a job hopper” while a third manager said he liked to know if the candidate has “played a team sport”.

Our consultant said “what you’ve just shared are the biases that are at work when you’re interviewing candidates and considering hiring decisions”. The managers heard the proverbial penny dropped.

We rise to become competent business leaders by solving everyday business problems, using rational and practical thinking to make decisions that have a positive influence on the organization. It can be an uncomfortable reality to consider that our recruitment and selection decision making is flawed.

While an artist can be positively influenced by their emotional biases, they're a costly influence on hiring managers when they remain blind to them.

This is particularly true with sales team hiring.

Whether we’ve had two years or 20 years’ experience, unlearning ‘natural’ instinct and years of behavior is tough. That's the value Performance Fingerprints deliver! They enable hiring managers and recruiters to consciously move beyond their biases and replace them with data and intelligence.

This idea will not come out of left field for most people because on a daily basis, organizations make a multitude of operational, financial and strategic decisions based on data. So why would we not extend the use of evidence-based knowledge and prediction to making optimal sales hiring decisions?

Role-specific Performance Fingerprints offer a powerful and credible tool for identifying high performance sales talent!

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