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5 Effective Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover

Employee turnover costs the U.S. economy and employers over $1 trillion annually. So it’s no surprise that improving employee retention has been a significant priority of organizations across...

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The Consequences of Bias in the Workplace and What to Do About It

The human brain is wildly complex. Discoveries emerge all the time about how the brain functions and contributes to our day-to-day activities. 

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How to Hire Diverse Employees: Best Diverse Hiring Practices

When you’re looking for the hands-down best candidate to fill a position, the last thing you want is for conscious or unconscious assumptions to interfere with the selection process. Diversity hiring...

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Understanding Sales Turnover and How to Increase It

Understanding sales turnover is vital for businesses seeking a truly comprehensive financial evaluation. Despite this fact, many companies and sales teams have little to no grasp on sales turnover...

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