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Removing Gender Bias In Hiring: What The Latest Research Says

Recent studies suggest gender bias is causing businesses to lose out on valuable talent. Men are 1.5x more likely to be hired compared to female candidates with the same qualifications, and when a...

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Ten Ways to Reduce Bias in Virtual Hiring

Today’s workforce has largely moved online, and so has the hiring process. There are clear benefits to remotely handling certain recruiting and hiring tasks. But unexpected biases can arise from...

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How to Improve Return on Sales With an Archer's Mindset

Singular decisions we make when building sales teams have the most visible impact of all. Deciding whom to hire can be daunting because the cumulative outcomes of individual hiring and promotion...

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Bias Eraser #8: Primacy & Recency Effects

Will Rogers is famous for saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  Talent gurus have written hundreds of articles emphasizing this sentiment to help job seekers nail...

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