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Bias Eraser #4: Conformity Bias

“I’m so conflicted!” exclaimed my close friend and colleague. For months, Mary had been interviewing new candidates for a senior position, and she’d finally found someone she believed had it all....

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Bias Eraser #3: Confirmation Bias In Hiring

At first, I couldn’t quite place it. But I knew something wasn’t going right. Here I was, unexpectedly laid off in the middle of the COVID nightmare, pounding the virtual pavement in a daily quest to...

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Bias Eraser #2: Affinity Bias

“And we are both Georgia Bulldogs!” my friend exclaimed, celebrating her most recent interview. After a relatively short search for an Accounting Manager, I was impressed that she had struck the...

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Bias Eraser #1: The Halo Effect in Business

Not too long ago, I was hiring for a key position in my organization. After a number of so-so candidates, I became enamored with a certain candidate before ever meeting her. Quite honestly, she stuck...

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