Mercedes Benz

The Solution: 

PerceptionPredict conducted research with 18 dealerships in the US, and 12  dealerships in Australia, measured 60 psychographic traits and collected 2 years of performance data from 406 Sales Consultants and 114 Service Advisors.

Performance results were combined with the psychographic data via statistical analysis to establish Sales Consultant and Service Advisor productivity prediction models. Predictive traits included Playfulness & Humor, Positive Psychology Capital, Social Desirability and Work Ethic. 

The Results:

Prior to using PerceptionPredict, one dealership's profitability was ranked #29 out of 29 large metro Mercedes-Benz stores in 2014. Subsequently, Return on Sales (ROS) has increased every year and the store became the #1 most profitable store in the dealership network in 2019. 

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