Dymon Asia Capital

The Solution:

Danny and Tangent asked Perception to create the most globally advanced 'blind hiring' application and candidate evaluation process. Applicants were not allowed to provide their resume or any background data as part of the application process because Dymon, as the employer, specifically wanted candidates with no financial services industry experience. 

Perception technology uses an evidence-based, performance-validated, system that draws on talent and data science to evaluate candidate's suitability for specific roles. Perception undertook original and proprietary research that uncovered the psychographic and performance attributes within Dymon's incumbent investment management team, creating a Portfolio Manager Performance Fingerprint against which potential apprentices could be evaluated. 

The Results: 

Dymon launched a national recruitment campaign, powered by the Perception platform, in Singapore in January 2018. The Perception system deployed a unique 'attributes-first' approach to remove pedigree bias; and in the initial 5 weeks of the campaign, attracted over 1200 applicants. 

Eight apprentices, shown in the photo below, were hired by Dymon in July 2018. The personal backgrounds of the 8 apprentices varied widely, from one with no education beyond high school to a PhD in Chemistry. The Dymon apprenticeship scheme rotated the 8 hires through key job roles in the investment firm prior to them being offered permanent positions. 

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