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It is our pleasure to welcome EmFluent as an Authorized Partner with PerceptionPredict. EmFluent addresses the growing need for strategy development & alignment, talent optimization, corporate culture development and client engagement. 

Mark had the opportunity to sit down with Founders Shawna and Robin Reed to introduce EmFluent to the PerceptionPredict Organization. 

Question 1: What’s your impact on the world and what problems do you want to solve for your clients? 
"Our focus is small to midsize companies with, 50 to 250 employees. What we're hoping to do is make these companies better from the people perspective. We often hear discussions on, earnings and profitability and growth and scalability. But we don't hear a lot of conversation about the people that actually make that happen. I think we were all aware, the CEOs and the board chairs get a lot of credit for the great things that companies do. But that frontline person, that sales team often doesn't get acknowledged. When a company shows explosive growth, that is an increase in revenue, which means their product was converted from their warehouse to somebody's home or business.

And that's a sales team that's doing it. So we really want to make sure we're helping companies understand that for their product and how it's delivered, how to really make sure that they are securing and maintaining the best salesperson for their organization. "

Question 2: What's a story you'd like to share about your business?
I think the best thing about our company is us. And I say that to say, Shawna and I are the perfect combination of skill-sets. You know, my background is finance, business consulting and entrepreneurship. Shawna's background is 20 years in the HR and benefits space, and most recently, Senior Vice President of Strategy for Arizona's largest benefits consulting company. So she knows what the people we are targeting want to hear, and I know how to deliver it. So we really become the perfect combination.

Question 3: What does your organization look like?
It's the two of us. We also have a a trainer that we deploy when it's time to deliver our services. And we keeping a network of qualified professionals at arms at arms length when we need them. We've we've learned that it doesn't make sense to build a great staff and then hope to get the business to support them. What you do is you build a great support system, go out and get business and bring people in as you need them.

Question 4: Tell us the most gratifying experience you’ve had in business.
So something has been really gratifying for me is that, as we were building out our speaking brand, I reached out to people that I have a great deal of respect for. This included, the global issues manager of a Fortune 100 company, a candidate for State Senate, and a couple of other significant business people. And I asked, "Would you please write a testimonial about me." I've never asked anybody to do that for me ever. And the information they shared was so just touching to me. I felt like they really, really got the essence of why I wanted them to be successful and that's what came back out of their testimonial.

Question 5: If you were driving on the Autobahn (no speed limit) how would you decide how fast to drive?
Shawna: So mine would be based on two things. If there are no speed limits then I already get to take the first limit out of my head, which is how close can I be to the speed limit, and not get a ticket. It would be based on everyone else and how fast they were going. Because I wasn't going to be reckless. And it would also have to do with how comfortable I was with how straight, curved, whatever, the road is - all those factors to me would weigh in to where I felt comfortable and good enjoying myself.

Robin: Okay. It would depend on how much open road I had in front of me. My speed would only be determined by whatever obstacle I had in front of me. There's a car in front of me. I gotta slow down. If there isn't, I'm trying to push my foot through the floorboard.

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