PerceptionPredict Welcomes Sellisity

We are honored to welcome Sellisity as a Sales Partner with PerceptionPredict.  Sellisity designs their Sales Training and Consulting to help B2B organizations of all sizes install the processes and methods required to increase their sustainable revenues.

Mark had the opportunity to sit down with Founders Chris Fletcher and Mat Tarbuck to interview them and introduce Sellisity to the PerceptionPredict Organization. 

Question 1: What’s your impact on the world and what problem you want to solve for your clients?
We are sales change agents, basically is what we do. We enable companies and entrepreneurs, sometimes small business, startups, to realize their full potential of whatever product or service is that they're launching to the market. So mostly we are focused on B2B software organizations, although what we've been doing a lot recently, we've been giving back to our local community. So we've been volunteering training for sales, training courses and workshops to help our local community like coffee shops and a lady I was working with who is a pet at burial service. So you can imagine how they've been hit hard. But we do basically sales training skills development, and most importantly, focused on the mindset to lift a sales organization across all the different customer touch points. So that includes salespeople, customer success teams, anyone who is touching a customer to lift their sales capability and keep the customer at the forefront of their actions. Both Chris and I have worked for some of the biggest software companies in the world, including Oracle IBM, SAP, SAS, so we're really focused on the B2B software arena.

Question 2: What's a story you'd like to share about your business?
I suppose, helping to become the best that they can be. And that's where we really do focus in on the kind of the tools, the skills and the mindset. So what do you need to do to change behaviors and really being that change agent? So when I look at, some of the great things that have happened, there's you know, from helping people launch a product to them, for a small business starting out we've helped many entrepreneurs, with that first step: "how do I get my first customers?" We have built and run a software organization ourselves and then sold it to a company in Japan, actually a business analytics, a software company. So we have the experience where we have been there, done that from a product development and a sales side, and then gone on to sell that business. We've helped organizations close the biggest deals in company history through coaching and training. And ultimately, I guess from a personal standpoint, I've run a $3 billion software sales organization.

Question 3: What does your organization look like?
The organization is a total of five of us. We go to market basically through direct outreach - advertising and concentrating on writing material too much time and effort. So, as we are salespeople and we teach others how to go out and sell, the best way to teach how to go out and sell it to go out of and sell. How we outreach. I'm not exactly that scared to pick the phone up and say, "hi."

Question 4: Tell us the most gratifying experience you’ve had in business.
I suppose, for most gratifying thing is taking a product from conception through to creation and then selling, then that's sort of what every entrepreneur sort of dreams of. It's like if only I could create a product and make it successful and then I could sell it and retire. Well, we didn't quite sell it and retire, but we, we've gone through that cycle, which has taught us a lot of home truths and a lot of knowledge and skill. A client example would be, that I'm actually working with a focus team that wants to sell into the retail sector. And they will looking to sell their technology, to, basically, the Fortune 500, if they can. They have been successful. And it is one particular sales rep to help them think outside of the box. And actually he ended up closing the biggest deal in their company history by more than double - up until that point, I think it was 285,000 was the biggest deal that they had closed. And he closed this deal that we've put training and consulting around with the whole team was just over 700,000, which they didn't think that they could achieve in that timeframe.

Question 5: If you were driving on the Autobahn (no speed limit) how would you decide how fast to drive?
Mat: It all depends on what car am I driving? If its a Yugo, I'm driving really slowly on the inside lane. If I'm in a Maserati, I'm doing 150 in the outside lane.
Chris: I've done it in a BMW five series. I think, I maxed out about 160 miles an hour. And then, I was still being passed, still get people going past me a lot faster. At the time I was working at BMW, so it wasn't my car. ;-)

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