G3 Devlopment Group Joins Perception Predict

We are honored to welcome G3 Development Group (G3) as an Authorized Partner with Perception Predict.  G3 is built on the foundation that they can drive engagement through their core competencies of human capital, sales and retail strategies. We coach and train world class executives, salespeople, and athletes with our proprietary coaching program, Emerge Coaching, combining self-awareness, leadership development and mindset.  

Mark had the opportunity to sit down with Owner and Principle Consultant Gregg Frederick to interview him in an effort to get to know G3 better.

Question 1: What’s your impact on the world and the problem you want to solve for your clients?
Our motto is “planting seeds of emergence.” We strive to leave every client interaction with a lasting impact that not only provides value today, but well into the future. Per our strengths makeup, we are an organization with competition in our DNA and we believe in taking our world-class organizations, executives and athletes and growing them incrementally, because incremental growth at the level our clients play at is the difference between being good and being great!

Question 2: What's a story you'd like to share about your business?
We live and breathe high performance. Our average business clients grow 38% in the first year working with us. We’ve mindset trained athletes who were reaching greatness and turned them into National Champions, World Champions and Olympic athletes. Our approach is the same with executives as they are with athletes, because high performing executives are the world class athletes of the business world. They both seek greatness. G3 was born out of the success I had implementing Gallup consulting processes into my role as VP of Sales for the world’s largest bicycle brand, a $2 billion brand, Giant Bicycle. In the U.S., where we implemented a strengths-based approach to our sales team, we grew sales 48% in three years during the last recession. I wanted to replicate that success for others, so I left and started G3 Development Group in 2014.

Question 3: What does your organization look like?
We are a boutique coaching and consulting firm. There are three of us that are principal consultants\coaches. I work with Dr. Jason Richardson on a lot of our training and coaching projects. He’s a Psychologist and ex-professional world champion athlete that shares our vision and work ethic. With Perception Predict and the market dynamics today, we are looking to expand our resources to get this product to as many sales organizations as possible during this crucial crossroads of downsizing and driving revenue with the right people on your team.

Question 4: Tell us the most gratifying experience you’ve had in business.
I guess something we are proud of is that almost all of our clients have been recurring client’s and most have been referrals. With our sales clients, reaching goals is gratifying and with our athletes, winning championships leaves all of us feeling accomplished. Our clients and G3 win and lose as one. We after action all of our results with our clients to ensure we are growing. We also take pride in using the latest research and technology to stay at the forefront of a dynamic landscape, like Perception Predict.

Question 5: If you were driving on the Autobahn (no speed limit) how would you decide how fast to drive?
At heart, I am a racer. I’ve been racing BMX bikes for 38 years at a highly competitive level, so I like to go fast. With that said, I am going to drive as fast as possible. What my self-awareness through strengths has taught me is that I know I can push my limits into the grey area without failing catastrophically. I am definitely testing the limits of what the car and terrain can handle, but responsibly, lol.

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