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A meta-analysis of positive humor in the workplace

This paper examines the role of positive humor in the workplace through a meta-analysis of 49 different studies.

Jessica Mesmer-Magnus, David J. Glew, and Chockalingam Viswesvaran

Journal of Managerial Psychology

Are Applicants More Likely to Quit Longer Effect of Assessment Length on Applicant Attrition Behavior

This study examines how pre-employment assessment length affects the rate at which job applicants opt out of the assessment phase. To evaluate the tradeoff between reliability and attrition, the authors used data from 69 selection systems and over 220,000 job seekers.

Jay H. Hardy III, Carter Gibson, Matthew Sloan, and Alison Carr

Journal of Applied Psychology, American Psychological Association

Artificial intelligence in HR: Challenges and a path forward

This paper explores the unrealized potential of artificial intelligence in human resource management and suggests how progress might be made. The authors identify several key challenges with using data science techniques to enhance HR practices.

Prasanna Tambe, Peter Cappelli, and Valery Yakubovich

University of Pennsylvania

Stubborn Reliance on Intuition and Subjectivity in Employee Selection

This study examines the implicit beliefs that keep organizations from adopting tools to help them make hiring decisions—aids like tests, personality assessments, and other performance predictors.

Scott Highhouse

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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