New Talent Signals: Shiny New Objects or a Brave New World?


The digital revolution has produced a wide range of new tools for making quick and cheap inferences about human potential and predicting future work performance. However, there is little scientific research on many of these new assessment methods, which leaves human resources managers with no evidence to evaluate how useful they actually are.

This paper provides an overview of new talent identification tools, most of which are technologically enhanced versions of traditional methods. It then examines some of the future challenges and opportunities in the talent identification space, including the impact of data and data analytics.

Key Points:

  • Many new talent identification tools untested and of questionable accuracy or value.
  • However, data analytics is fundamentally disrupting the talent identification process—helping identify more signals and refine their predictive value.
  • This new data-driven approach is not without its challenges, including concerns about privacy, cost, and discrimination.

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