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Demography and Diversity in Organizations: A Review of 20 Years of Research

The paper provides a systematic review of over 80 studies regarding diversity and its implications for how organizations should think about managing an increasingly diverse workforce.

Katherine Y. Williams and Charles A. O’Reilly, III

Research in Organizational Behavior, JAI Press

Personality Characteristics That Predict Effective Performance of Sales People

This study examines the personality traits of effective salespeople and asks whether they can be used to predict sales performance.

Herman Aguinis

Erasmus University School of Economics

Validity and Utility of Alternative Predictors of Job Performance

This study examines the emergence of star performers—a few individuals who contribute the majority of output—and what it means for business.

John E. Hunter, Ronda F. Hunter

Psychological Bulletin, American Psychological Association

Employability & Career Success:Bridging the Gap / Theory and Reality

This paper reviews the existing literature on employability and highlights the difference between what researchers think determines employee potential and what employers actually look for.

Robert Hogan, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, and Robert B. Kaiser

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Discretion in Hiring

This study is the first to empirically assess the value of discretion in hiring. The results were consistently worse job outcomes where managers exercised more discretion.

Mitchell Hoffman, Lisa B. Kahn, and Danielle Li

National Bureau of Economic Research

Confidence in Judgment: Persistence of the Illusion of Validity

This study examines the “illusion of validity”—the confidence humans have that we make accurate judgments even though the data proves we don’t.

Hillel J. Einhorn and Robin M. Hogarth

Psychological Review, American Psychological Association

Stubborn Reliance on Intuition and Subjectivity in Employee Selection

This study examines the implicit beliefs that keep organizations from adopting tools to help them make hiring decisions—aids like tests, personality assessments, and other performance predictors.

Scott Highhouse

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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