Measuring Quality of Hire – The Ultimate Recruiting Metric


This white paper by leading human resources author and consultant John Sullivan covers the concept of quality of hire (QoH)—why it’s important, when and how to measure it, common mistakes companies make, and other questions. 

Specifically, he discusses the difference between historical QoH measurements, which staffing organizations and HR offices use to evaluate their effectiveness, and predictive QoH measurements, which is what most managers and business leaders are interested in.

He argues that there are five main categories of QoH metrics—individual performance metrics, retention rates, manager satisfaction, applicant/employee satisfaction, and cost of hire—and goes over approaches for evaluating each one effectively.

Key Points:

  • Quality of hire should be the primary measure of hiring success.
  • There are a variety of different ways to measure the quality of hire depending on your business and goals.
  • The greatest roadblock to consistently high-quality hires is finding and collecting the necessary data.


If you want high-quality hires, you need to have an effective system in place for consistently and accurately evaluating employees both before and after they are hired.

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